Why get involved?

Springfield Park market-garden. Growing Communities. Credit: Helena-Smith

Crowdfunding has become a phenomenon over recent years, as a way for individuals to give direct support to the people and projects that they feel passionate about. In 2011 over $1billion was raised for businesses, with one project raising over $1million alone.

At the same time, it is estimated that food and farming currently receives less than 1% of income in the voluntary and charitable sector in the UK. Of this, the Government currently funds 45% of civil society work on food and farming, making the sector hugely vulnerable to cuts.

We offer an alternative, more democratic way of raising finance, providing projects with the opportunity to gain valuable crowdfunding experience and engage their communities in providing the support that they need.

Crowdfunding not only helps to raise financial support for an idea, but also to raise a project’s profile and build a community of committed supporters. Those who decide to support an idea, not only give money, but also help to raise awareness and champion your cause. Crowdfunding helps to prove that an idea has support from a real community of people, demonstrating the need and customer appeal, which can often help to leverage funds from other sources.

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