What are we looking for?


We are looking for enlightened food and farming projects. By “enlightened” we mean those projects that farm in a way that nurtures and protects the environment i.e. farm agroecologically, create local supply chains, increase employment and community engagement and revive local economies.

In particular we aim to support:

  • organic, or biodynamic farming practice: this does not need to be certified, but applicants will need to demonstrate that they are following organic or biodynamic principles
  • local food production and adding value to small-scale growing or farming enterprises e.g. micro-dairies, village bakeries, charcuteries and micro-breweries
  • horticulture, especially organic horticulture, and those variants that are classed as biodynamic, or are within the broad category of permaculture
  • small-scale mixed farming, again organic in principle though not needing to be certified

Organisations applying should be UK based,. They must be legally constituted as at least ONE of the following:

  • a community interest company,
  • a co-operative,
  • a community benefit society
  • a charity.

Established organisations as well as new enterprises will be considered.

We will accept applications from organisations that have applied to previous A Team Challenges and been unsuccessful.

Find out which projects were chosen for funding in 2016

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